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Marketing Strategy

Without a strategy, no business can succeed. And a strategy is only as good as its implementation. Our professionals can help create the right combination of strategies and tactics to meet your business objectives and stay within budget. Call today to find out how we can help.

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Forget good to great. Here's what makes a great employee remarkable.

Great employees are reliable, dependable, proactive, diligent, great leaders and great followers... they possess a wide range of easily-defined—but hard to find—qualities.

A few hit the next level. Some employees are remarkable, possessing qualities that may not appear on performance appraisals but nonetheless make a major impact on performance.

Here are eight qualities of remarkable employees:


Strategies for Choosing a Memorable Brand Name

As a new business (whether your independent or large corporation), we’re faced with many difficult decisions before we open up shop – the perfect location, how to effectively market yourself, pricing strategies, and more importantly, deciding on a great, memorable and identifiable brand name. Unlike deciding on a location for your business and your marketing/pricing strategies, choosing a name for your business is far more nerve racking because it’s permanent, or at least should be, and should capture the essence a company. Below are techniques to help you and your clients generate a memorable, meaningful and unique brand name.

"I want a..." versus "I want to..."

The difference between "a" and "to" can be the difference between success and failure. The first sentence says you've already made up your mind. The second says you are open to possibilities. It is goal driven versus a task.

If you open yourself to input from your consultants rather than tell them what you want (...think you want) you may come up with better outcomes.

In promotional marketing, there is a big difference between a customer that says "I want a shirt" versus one who says "I want to incentivize my salesforce" or "I want to attract new customers". Th former is a done deal; the later, asking for input from a professional.

Note I did not say anything about money here. The budget can stay the same. The outcome can be far different though.

On your next project, think of prepositions. The difference between "to" and "a" may change your outcome in ways you could never have imagined.

Contact FiF Marketing to help you with your next "to" project.

What can FiF offer?

Marketing your company, product or program couldn't be harder now. There are so many competing "voices" in the market telling your customers "buy this", "wear that", "we're better because...". If you are like your customer, you are a bit shell-shocked with all the noise. It used to be the "Rule of 7" - a potential consumer needed at least seven exposures to a brand name, an advertisement, a product concept, before they would consider your offer. Now it is probably the Rule of 70! How can you break through the clutter and get your offer noticed? That's what FiF Marketing will help you do.

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